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We are your one stop shop for feeling good; a third place for health and wellness. Cannabis, espresso, chocolate, crispy chili, local herbal remedies, adaptogenic mushies, art, good conversation….what else do you want? Let us know; we are listening.

Lucky You dispensary in Burlington, Vermont

Cannabis: Less transactional, more relational.

We want your experience of purchasing cannabis to be as enjoyable as consuming it.

  • We’ve gathered a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds to help sort through your questions and decisions
  • We’ve created a comforting space that encourages engagement and conversation
  • We’ve hand-picked a selection of products from our favorite makers to complement your relationship with cannabis and to spark joy

Our Featured lifestyle brands

Herbal Medicine & Culinary Decadence
Specialty Roaster & Coffee Bar
Backyard Herbs for Vibrant Health
Handcrafted Chocolates Made in the Swiss Tradition
The Maison Française that Elevates Your Rituals
Wood-Fired Maple Syrups Bottled on the Farm
Artisan Ceramic Pipes & Coffee Mugs
Ancient Remedies for the Modern World
Next-Gen Empathogens
Crispy Chili
Tools of Tradition
Flower-Focused Accessories for the Sophisticated Cannabis Consumer

Before Lucky You came High Fidelity

High Fidelity is a management team focused on creating equitable access to plant and mushroom medicines. We have a long history of advocacy and entrepreneurship, creating conversations and businesses to help our community navigate the products and services in emerging, legal marketplaces. In 2012, High Fidelity received Vermont’s first license to operate a medical cannabis dispensary, Champlain Valley Dispensary in Burlington. Two years later, we followed up with Southern Vermont Wellness in Brattleboro to serve patients in, you guessed it, Southern Vermont. In 2015, we launched Ceres Natural Remedies, Vermont’s first CBD store. Ceres went on to create trētap CBD, the country’s first CBD-infused sparkling beverage made from certified organic tree water.

Lucky You is our entrance into the adult use cannabis market. We remain true to our roots; we believe that cannabis, as part of the complete herbal apothecary, can be a gateway to explore optimal health.

Learn more about High Fidelity and the High Fidelity podcast, by visiting the High Fidelity website.


Daily affirmation.

Followed by, “I will not take a picture of what I discover to share as content on social media.” 🤣

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Join us in welcoming Dana, aka @keylimekushcat , to Vermont!

She recently moved up here from Western Massachusetts to be the Sales Manager for @wanabrands in our brave little state. 

We are stoked to be Chittenden County’s first stockist of Wana’s classic line of gummies (being produced by our friends @kriabotanicals ) and to be working with another fabulous woman in the industry.

Moving to a new state to build brand awareness in a super competitive marketplace takes guts! Let’s show Dana some love by recommending places in the Burlington area where she can connect, grab some good food & drink, catch a show or commune with nature. Don’t be shy! If you are a business owner recommend your place! 😀

We’ll go first!

@laughingriveryoga for Yin Yoga
@highergroundmusic for great summer concerts 
@intervalecenter for Summervale & trail walks for amazing sandwiches
@onioncityvt for the best fried chicken 
@littlegordocreemeestand for yummy creemees! 

#luckyyou #burlingtonvt #strongertogether #vermont #womensupportingwomeninbusiness #thisishowwedoit
What she said. ⬆️

AND a huge thank you to @jessica_sipe of ! It would not have been the same without you. Thanks for bringing the vibes and the Amazing chocolate! Super stoked to launch your upcoming micro-dosed, native ratio chocolates with you!

Have a great weekend everybody! Especially all you UVM grads. You got this! #gocatsgo 

PS: Thanks to @jware21 @cindikozak @macks_pogacar and the team @frankiesvt for letting us sneak some freezer space for our violet ice cubes (those were a hit! Amazing what a little wild flower can do for set & setting) and sharing your perfect cocktail ice for our makeshift bar. #team🍒street

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